Server-Side Tracking for Business

When using digital analytics in marketing, server-side tracking can become a powerful tool to enhance your online presence and digital campaigns. This technique allows digital analysis of data online and from the mobile app on the server instead of on the client device (ie., browser or mobile app).

Server side tagging method differs from client-side tagging, which involves digital analysis of data on the user’s device before sending it to the server. It counters several limitations of client-side tagging that pose a challenge in digital marketing data analysis.


Below is the architecture of Server Side tracking:

Advantages of Server-Side Tracking for Business

  • GDPR Compliance and Data Privacy: Server-side tracking aligns seamlessly with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. Personal data is processed on the server, reducing the risk of data leaks and ensuring compliance with stringent privacy laws
  • Unified Tracking for Multiple Platforms: Server-side tracking allows businesses to collect data uniformly across various platforms and devices. This provides a comprehensive view of user behavior, enabling more accurate analysis and personalized user experiences
  • First party hosting for all data: Faster load times, reduced tracking-related interruptions, and a commitment to data privacy all contribute to an improved user experience. Users are more likely to engage with and trust a website that respects their privacy and loads quickly
  • Reduced Website Load Time: One of the standout benefits of server-side tracking is the significant reduction in website load times. By offloading tracking processes from the client-side, pages load faster, improving the user experience and decreasing bounce rates
  • Ad Blocker Resistance: Server-side tagging is less likely to be blocked by ad blockers, improving the reliability of data collection

How should the businesses start thinking about server side tagging?

  • Data Privacy: Protects sensitive customer information during the checkout process, helping e-commerce businesses comply with data protection regulations
  • Real-time data reporting: Real time view of the customer interactions and conversions on the website
  • Data integrity: websites that receive a lot of traffic from different websites or bots which are intended to compromise the integrity of user’s data. Server Side helps in protecting the data from unauthorized data not originating from the source website or app
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Accurate data collection through server-side tagging helps the business make informed decisions based on real user behavior
  • Personalized Ad Performance: Server-side tagging can send user data along with the data payload which helps ad platform personalize the ads, leading to higher revenue


Server side tagging can be great for businesses navigating the complexities of data analytics in marketing. It offers a holistic view of customer behavior across multiple channels with secure and accurate data.


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